Our Mission:

We Have a Voice

Providing an authentic voice for the citizens of Monroe County District 2.  Serving our residents, working with our neighbors...for a better Monroe County!  A message from the candidate.


Our Mission

"Our mission is to provide the Lower Florida Keys with an authentic voice in the Monroe County Commission.  District 2 will be represented by someone who actually lives here, works here and genuinely cares about the people here." 

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Our Goals

We have heard the voices of our neighbors in the Lower Keys and throughout Monroe County.   They want fair, honest government that is responsive to the needs of of our residents and the beautiful environment we enjoy.  We will work to provide affordable housing options for Monroe County's workforce.   We will will work to complete clean up from Hurricane Irma and to protect and preserve our rich  environmental resources.  We will collaborate with our neighbors throughout the keys to provide a safe, healthy enjoyable place to live, work and raise our families.  We will work with all county districts to promote our economy and deliver an unmatched tourism experience in a responsible, sustainable manner.

Above all, we will listen.  We will listen to the voices of our neighbors throughout the Lower Keys and carry their voices with us as we work to improve the quality of life for all Monroe County residents.



Affordable Workforce options

I will work diligently with our County and State governments to explore all options for providing affordable workforce housing in Monroe County.  In the Lower Keys, I have already contacted Rep. Holly Raschein, Habitat for Humanity and local architects to explore the use of the Big Pine Key Road Prison site for affordable workforce housing.  We must make it a primary focus to craft a sustainable solution to this county's housing crisis.



Clean up & Preservation

We must work more proactively and aggressively  to prepare for future hurricanes and other emergencies.   

With regard to current canal  clean up efforts, we must work to bring in the most qualified contractors, not just the cheapest.   

We certainly must exhibit a far greater sense of urgency about removing debris from canals in the hardest hit areas on The Keys.  Our  commercial fishing, tourism and marine life are all affected by this debris.



Protecting Our children

School Choice and School Safety  are  important topics for me.  My sons benefited greatly from us having the ability to choose charter schools as the best education options for  them.   All parents should have the ability to make the education decisions that are best for their children.  When we secure our schools, we must be sure to consider the unique needs of each  location and student population.  Then put in place the  resources and personnel to secure each location properly.  Local government needs the latitude to make the best choices for it's schools.


MAY 2018

Over the years, I have come to know Debbie Halama as a hard working local who has advocated in many ways for the betterment of her community. We first met while her children were students in my charter school classroom. Debbie was a helpful and dedicated mother, as well as a motivating proponent in the creation of the first Middle School program on Big Pine Key. I have watched Debbie branch out her enthusiasm over the years into running her local family business, while simultaneously taking on the unique real estate issues that plague our island chain. Debbie has always been a well informed voice of reason, and shows longevity and investment in our community. Working as a County Commissioner, Debbie would undoubtedly be a local voice and true representation for our Irma-devastated district.


Jennifer Sullivan Owner, Cone Republic



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Running a campaign this large takes a lot of time and effort.  It's far bigger than one person, or even a small group of people.  It's about our entire region in the Florida Keys.  It is well past time that the authentic voices of the Lower Keys were heard.   Please join us.


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